The LCX603 is suitable for small production runs of various labels of any shape.

The LCX603 is an all-in-one, industrial label printer and finishing solution that includes multiple spot color printing, auto laminating, contour-cutting, auto weeding and a sheet cross-cutting function. Perfect for low-cost, on-demand, short run labels, specialty labels of any shape, and helps reduce inventory too.

High quality printing
in 600 x 1200 dpi with maximum three colors (black + 2 spot colors)

Thermal transfer method is used for printing. Small font size is supported down to 8 point.
Available Spot Color Ribbons
Resin 5 colors (Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow)
Semi Resin 5 colors (Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange)

Easy to Install

Media and ink ribbon are installed into a separate cassette. It is easy to exchange ink ribbon and media. Optional upgrade kit allows for installation of one or two additional colors.

Auto Laminating

Laminate film is automatically applied after an image is printed. Polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) based materials are available. Durable labels can be created.

Contour Cut
Built-in cutter eliminates needs for cutting die

Contour cutting is performed automatically after it is laminated.
The cutting tool allows a contoured of any shape.
Registration marks are automatically sensed by the cutter.
The contour is properly aligned to the printed image using the registration mark by equipped registration mark sensing system (RMS). Three (3) registration marks are created and printed automatically on the LCX603. The registration mark is not required in the design of the label.

The weed border can be cut using the frame cut function. Small size of label will not be removed from backing paper in the auto weeding process.

Auto Weed

The weeding mechanism is included and removes unnecessary parts along the contour.

Cross Cut

Cross cutting (Auto Sheet Cut) is executed for each page after weeding is completed.

Label software "NiceLabel Designer Pro"

Included High-performance label creation software with a variety of functions as a standard accesory

  1. More than 70 different barcodes, the QR(Quick Respond) code can be created easily
  2. Images created by other application software can be imported
  3. Possible to make labels in conjunction with other databases
  4. Supports to multiple languages

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