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About Graphtec Digital Solutions

Graphtec Digital Solutions,Inc.,headquatered in Plano TX was established as a subsidiary of Graphtec Corporation which is a well known Japanese manufacturer of cutting plloters, scanners and other products for business used mainly in the field of information processing. Our mission is to provide superior label printing solutions utilizing our label printing system, the "LABELROBO LCX1000 series“.  The LCX1000 series is a digital  label printing system combined with our industry leading cutting technologies and toner based printing technology.

Company Name : Graphtec Digital Solutions, Inc.
Address : 101 E. Park Blvd, Suite 600, Plano TX 75074, U.S.A.
Repesentative : Ichiro Mitsunari, President and CEO
Business description : Sales and marketing of label printers
Date Founded : June, 2014

About Graphtec

Graphtec Corporation was established (as Watanabe Instruments) in Tokyo in 1949. The company was formed to specialize in the design and manufacture of analog recording instruments, and released its first product, an EO type pen oscillograph, in 1952. Graphtec rapidly became an industry leader, both in Japan and around the world.

Company Name : GRAPHTEC Corporation.
Headquarters : 503-10 Shinano-cho, Totsuka-ku Yokohama 244-8503, Japan
Tel: +81 (0)45-825-6250
Fax : +81 (0)45-825-6396
WEB site:
Established : Mar.30,1949
Products : Imaging products : Grit and Flatbed Cutter , Scanner etc
Instrument products : Logger, Recorder etc.
Capital : 3.0 billion yen
The Board of Directors :
Chairman :
Hideyoshi Sasaki
President and CEO :
Yasutaka Arakawa
Managing Director :
Hitoshi Nonaka
Director :
Shizuo Koike
Hiroshi Sanda
Hiroyuki Takahata
Auditor :
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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